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Japanese to English Conversion

Just want to be able to USE your Japanese system?


Proper Japanese to English conversion for the factory OEM system! No tricks, gimmicks, addons or aftermarket parts, just your original quality Japanese made, factory fitted unit, converted. Graphic labels in English are available to cover over the Japanese text in some models!

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Skyline V36 / Crossover J50   2006 - 2013

Fuga Y51   2010 - 2015

Fuga Y50  - 2008 - 2009 (HDD models)

370z Z34   2008 - 2019

R35 GTR - CBA/DBA 2007 - 2016

X-Trail T31   2008 - 2013

​Murano   2008 - 2013

Teana   2010 - 2013

Elgrand E52   2010 - 2013

Elgrand E51 Series 3 2008 - 2009

Bluebird Sylphy G11   2009 - 2011

Dualis J10   2008 - 2013

Tiida 2008 - 2012




LEXUS GS350 / GS430 / GS450H 2005 to 2009

LEXUS IS250 / IS350 / ISF 2005 - 2009

LEXUS LS460 / LS600 Hybrid 2006 - 2009


Toyota Crown 2006- 2007 (HDD version)

Toyota Mark X  2006 - 2007 (HDD version)

Currently testing other types also

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What's the aim of our conversions? Easily read the menu systems and set everything properly, access menus just like:

  • Bluetooth Handsfree setup, including phonebook etc

  • Trip information/fuel economy etc

  • Vehicle service reminders

  • Display/Screen settings

  • Park Assist menus (if fitted)

  • Full use of HDD music functions, playlists

  • Full use of USB audio control if fitted

  • Language option (for Lexus/Toyota only) also includes Spanish and French

  • Still works perfectly fine with a band expander for FM radio


Do we do navigation/maps?

No, why? It's simple. In order to avoid a lawsuit for copyright infringement, licensing each system is a must. But licensing cost per unit is too expensive, the maps are old and dated, support (further updates) has finished, and there is no more. What do we suggest? Google Maps is free, and constantly updated. Unbeatable really.

How do we do the conversion?


We need 2 screenshots of your system, and the last 6 digits of your VIN. From this, we can send you the files to burn to a disc yourself, or we can create a disc and send it to you for an extra fee. Put the disc in the system, perform the update, done!



Lexus IS / GS:  Simple! A few tools and a little know how, and using some easy to follow instructions, remove the nav/audio unit, remove the Hard Disk Drive ( HDD ) from the back, carefully wrap it up and send it to us with your vehicle make/model and registration number. We will apply the conversion update, and send it back to you to refit, easy!

Lexus LS: Remove the entire screen unit and send it to us to reprogram. For the LS, we need to program the internal memory as well as the HDD.


Christchurch Local? For Lexus/Toyota units, NZ$49 extra and we can do the entire job for you, drive in, drive out.

We can usually do this within a couple of hours.

What DOESN’T it do?

Navigation/maps is not supplied, and will remain the existing Japanese maps on your system.

All functions that are Japan use only cannot and will not function outside of Japan. Please don't expect use of these functions. These include Carwings, VICS traffic & weather, Operator services etc. TV is also disabled, and any TV function.

(Note: using TV for Aux? there is another solution we can offer for standard Aux input)


In the Japanese unit, there are 'Predictive Course Lines' that display on the reversing camera screen. Due to firmware constrictions, these camera lines will disappear, but the reverse camera still works properly.


The factory Bluetooth system hardware doesn’t support audio streaming, just phone handsfree operation, but the Auxiliary input is still functional for audio input.


Currently the clock (GS model only) has missing text on the clock screen buttons, but you can still press them and easily adjust the time if required. TV function and the TV/Video Aux input becomes non usable, but the Japanese version didn’t work here anyway. It does not affect the Audio Aux input though.


Will it change my speedo / instrument cluster?

The instrument cluster is a different unit entirely in it's own right, and as such no conversion of the entertainment system can change the instrument cluster/speedo, just the audio/navigation/ac unit.


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