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Honda Odyssey / Elysion / Edix

These units are one our specialties, and leading the way in effective repairs with these since 2012, we are well known for being able to successfully repair these long term. As such, we offer a full 12 month warranty on the repair of these units, and continue to receive them from all around the country for repair from the public, dealers and even other technicians. We have a complete test harness and system especially for them, so all we need are the units - no car required!

Got an Odyssey? Elysion? Edix? All of them have the exact same internals, just different fronts to suit each vehicle, so the same symptoms / repair applies.

Common symptoms for these units are:

  • System dead, no display

  • System stuck / frozen / non responsive

  • System intermittent, sometimes goes, sometimes not

  • Reverse camera stuck on or showing randomly

  • Only the small display showing, but no frequency or time

  • Both large or small display cutting in and out

  • CD not loading

  • Unit draining battery

Odyssey chassis = RB1

Edix chassis = BE1

Elysion chassis = RR1

Known model numbers:







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