Nissan 370z (Z34) 2010 to 2019
and 2008 & 2009 HDD systems

With this great value upgrade, you can view in English many of the functions you've wanted but can't understand in the system menu!

Bluetooth audio

Bluetooth handsfree/phone

USB audio/movie/image control

HDD music (Music Box) control

Fuel economy/Trip info

Vehicle settings (interior light, drivers seat control + others)

DVD video control

and more!

**NEW** - now has modification for the clock to change it for any country!

The update is done by DVD, we create the files for you to download and burn to disc.

To do the conversion, all we need is 2 screen shots of your system and the last 6 digits of your Chassis No.

The conversion is quick and easy, and only takes 3 minutes.

What is the process?

After we have the details, we create the files and upload them. We'll send you the link to download, burn the files to disc, and update your system. Usually we can have the update ready in a few hours!

Do we do navigation/maps?

No, maps/navigation is not converted with this update. Why?

Modifying the Japanese firmware to run maps in other regions is too difficult. Legitimate maps also need to be licensed, and unfortunately they are too expensive to license per upgrade.

On top of that, they are out of date, by years.

We recommend Google Maps on your phone, it's free, and constantly updated.

Some Japanese only functions do not work outside of Japan. Most of these may be in English but some menu items are not fully translated, for example Carwings, VICS Traffic & Weather info, and live Operator services.

NZ $299